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Is the complex flow of data and dollars surrounding your benefits providers, your company and/or retirees taking you away from working with your employees? Why not turn this costly and time-consuming activity over to the ADP Employease Service team's expert staff.

With the ADP Employease Network as the infrastructure, benefit professionals at ADP Employease create interfaces to all your vendors for data exchange in carrier specific formats. We also use invoicing and reconciliation to help address the challenges of maintaining accurate premium billing data.

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Employease ensures only the right data is sent to each benefits provider in the correct format. We ensure that your retirees and/or employees on leave are handled with a high level of service. And, we empower you to spend your time building a world-class workforce instead of dealing with billing issues.

Carrier Billing Services

  • Billing for active, retired or leave of absence employees.
  • Generation of monthly insurance provider invoices.
  • Invoice reconciliation to insurance provider list bills for providers that are not self-billed.
  • Generation of a monthly consolidated bill.
  • Payment of provider invoices. (Optional service)
  • Online access to all provider invoices.

Direct Billing Services

  • Accept notification of employee status changes from "active" to "retired" or "leave of absence."
  • Prepare and mail to each eligible retiree and employee a letter that fully describes his/her medical options and the associated costs.
  • Distribute Direct Bill invoices to participants based upon customer business rules.
  • Record all payments received from Direct Bill participants including remittance amount and date. Process late or partial payments in accordance with customer business rules.
  • Maintain eligibility in the ADP Employease Network and electronically transmit eligibility information to each benefit provider.
  • Prepare a batch cover sheet and remit all premiums received to the customer on a weekly basis.
  • Terminate retirees and employees on leave who do not remit premium payments within the allotted time frame. Electronically transmit notice of termination to each benefit provider.
  • Send a termination letter to retirees and employees on leave who do not remit payment.
  • Provide Direct Bill participant access to a dedicated toll-free telephone number, email address and facsimile number.
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