Keys to Success

Employease provides an infrastructure for success in a world where success is a constantly moving target. We keep pace with your organization, continually innovating as your priorities change. With ADP Employease, you have the best partner available to achieve extraordinary success.

We have identified the following as keys to a successful ongoing experience with any on demand HR service provider.
Superior Functionality

ADP Employease provides award winning on demand HRIS, benefits administration and self-service solutions recognized by industry leaders such as Forbes, Gartner, Forrester, InfoWorld, Business Insurance and HR Executive. Our solutions are proven with more than 1,500 customers realizing extraordinary results

"Partnering with ADP Employease, we transformed our HR department and saved $800,000 without spending the half million dollars it takes to buy traditional software, or the six to eighteen months it takes to implement it."

Jeff Anthony

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
PSS/World Medical
Trouble Free Implementation

Delivering high levels of functionality is meaningless without a great implementation experience. ADP Employease routinely implements organizations with thousands of employees in 60-120 days. The sooner you get up and running, the sooner you can begin generating a return on your investment.

"Employease felt comfortable with our requirements when no one else did. We implemented smoothly; without any headaches."

Lawrence LeBlanc

Vice president, Compensation and Benefits
High Performance System

At ADP Employease, we recognize that system performance, uptime and availability are critical to your experience. We have the track record and the customer testimonials to prove we are a market leader in delivering on demand applications.

"Our system up time for 2005-2006 has averaged more than 99.93 percent. The 'number of nines' of uptime is only part of our high performance story. The more critical stat - 89 percent of our direct customers will serve as a reference."

John Alberg
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Employease, Inc.
Flawless Service Delivery

The ADP Employease service team matches the same level of excellence as our technology platform. Your dedicated service team will work to understand your workflows, business processes and priorities in order to provide you with an unmatched level of responsiveness, focus and innovation.

"Employease is accountable, and that makes them different from any vendor that I have ever worked with."

Andrea Singer
Senior Human Resource Manager
Excel Polymers
Proven Track Record of Innovation

The HR industry does not stand still. Neither does ADP Employease. With more than 21 major releases and 54 monthly enhancements over the past seven years, we evolve our applications to meet your needs today and in the future. No IT resources are required to take advantage of new releases. The entire upgrade process is transparent and painless.

"Employease thinks so far outside of the box that they've invented a new box."

Robyn Smith

Director, Human Resources
Witness Systems
Robust Connection Infrastructure

Connectivity is core to our business. We are unmatched in the speed of deployment and accuracy of our connections. Today, ADP Employease supports more than four million transactions per month to more than 180 service providers.We build, maintain and host your connections. Connectivity is completely off your plate.

"Connectivity to our service providers helped us reduced our administrative time by 60%, and it freed up more time for strategic activities such as hiring, retention and partnering with our company's management team."

Louise Leuenberger

Director of Compensation and Benefits
Microsemi, Inc.
Easy to Use Solutions

If a system is complicated, employees won't use it. ADP Employease makes the self-service process fast and easy to follow, which minimizes time-consuming questions and complaints and allows HR to focus its energies on the issues that matter.

"Open enrollment, 10,000 employees and not one complaint - that's amazing. ADP Employease simplified a complicated process with their user-friendly applications."

Patti Ossen

Senior Vice President
Memorial Healthcare

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